Tacoma Wedding Photographer Carl Petersen

Petersen Pictures Carl Petersen

Hi! I’m Carl Petersen, an award winning photographer and filmmaker in the Seattle/Tacoma area. I specialize in weddings, and I also photograph events throughout the United States and internationally.

I like movement. I like incorporating movement in images. I think good pictures have movement, and great pictures have the ability to move you. They should make you feel something. Photos should make you happy. They should be natural, spontaneous… and even though I pose people, they shouldn’t look posed. They shouldn’t be static. They should have life.

LA Filmmaker turned PNW Photographer

Before moving to back to Washington, I spent 11 years in LA filmmaking and taking pictures. My experience directing and producing has greatly shaped the way I shoot and work with clients. I’ve trained and worked with some of the top photographers in the nation covering high-profile weddings, private events on Rodeo Drive, and New Year’s Eve parties at MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

My last short film, “All the Marbles” screened in 7 countries and won 7 major awards as well as qualifying for an Oscar at the 2018 Academy Awards.

My style is a balance of timeless class and candid journalism. I would characterize my photography as Artistic Lifestyle. I give direction and then let people create the magic from there. I will redirect as much as needed, but there remains a movement to my images which comes from my background in filmmaking. Bride’s that hire me want iconic images that don’t look posed.

Whether it’s gathering a large group for a family photo or positioning a groom for the moment he’ll see his stunning bride for the first time, I’ve developed a talent for capturing people at their best. I see myself as an artist and my number one goal is to create artwork for you. I’ll leave you with smiles, tears, and laughter you’ll want to keep in a frame for a lifetime.