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USB Memory Direct Thumb Drives

USB Memory Direct Thumb Drives

As professional photographers, it’s our goal to always make our clients smile. Whether that’s during the shoot or after, we want them to have photos that they will cherish for a lifetime. That’s why we decided to start sending our clients their photos in these custom flash drives from USB Memory Direct thumb drives.

USB Memory Direct is a wholesale flash drive company in the United States that sells a variety of USB drives. From custom shapes to business card flash drives, the company supplies products to business all around the world. They were kind enough to send us specially made Petersen Pictures flash drives that we are excited to call our own.

When it comes to design, we always like things to feel organic, which is why we felt our business logo and name fit best with this particular product.

When we received our flash drives we were impressed with the walnut wood tone. In person, the smooth texture of the drives makes it comfortable to hold in your hand. The high-quality of the flash drives themselves are also remarkable. We particularly liked that the cap of the flash drive is held together by two magnets, which protects it from damage.

These rectangle drives are also the perfect size to mail to our clients. After we are done editing one of our client’s photos, all we have to do is upload them to the drive and ship it out. That way our clients will have their special moments protected for years to come. Thank you USB Memory Direct for hooking us up with these high-quality flash drives. We can’t wait to start sending these beauties out to our clients!

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