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Tacoma Photography Studio

Photography, Design, Floral

Photography, Design, Floral

We have a new studio!  Photography, Design, Floral, and all of your wedding needs can be found at Petersen Pictures and Jordan Moll Events new studio space in University Place.

7902 27th St. W., Suite 3, University Place, WA 98466

We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with an exceptionally talented woman in the event design and floral space, Jordan Moll with Jordan Moll Events!  We have already successfully collaborated together and we are so very excited for our future in Washington!

I thought I would share a little bit about the studio space’s transformation…

BeforeJordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures

We had to tear up all the old carpet.  If anyone reading this needs to rip up old carpet, I would highly suggest cutting strips of it with a utility knife, it makes pulling it up more manageable.  Whoever put this carpet down used a plethora of glue and mastic.  It was a tough job, and we definitely had our work cut out for us. Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-2Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-3Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-4


Now comes the fun part of getting all the glue and mastic off the concrete.  Scraping the floor was incredibly tedious and insanely hard, but that didn’t stop Jordan from getting her hands dirty, in heels no less!  We quickly realized that was going to be impossible, so we rented a tile chipper and a floor grinder from Bunce Rentals.  I recommend them if you need to rent heavy machinery.  They were great!  Look how tough my old man looks using this awesome grinder!Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-5

A HUGE thank you to our dads who played a pivotal role in how well our floors turned out.  Thank you Glenn & Charlie for all your hard work!Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-6

Once the space was ready the flooring was ready to be installed.  We chose vinyl planks because we knew the floor would be getting wet from time to time since Jordan will be doing floral in the space.  The glue had to sit for a couple hours before we could start laying in the laminate.  Charlie was our flooring whisperer.  He measured everything precisely and the floor looks amazing because of it.Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-7Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-8

My favorite part of the whole process is when Jordan got her shoes stuck to the glued floor trying to get out the back door.  It was like a cartoon trail of shoes and socks.  We were also 2 boxes shy on the flooring so we had to order more and wait for another week.  In the end though, I think it looks amazing and over time we were able to transform our space and give it a makeover into the beautiful studio it is now. Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-9Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-2

Thank you to Print NW for our beautiful sign.  We love it!Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures


Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-3Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-4 Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-6 Jordan Moll Events & Petersen Pictures-5

Come see us soon!