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Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

Sarah and Kate’s Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding radiated love from their guests to the rustic chic decor.  Long Beach, WA has a lot to offer PNW beach lovers.

Rustic Wedding Decor rustic wedding decorations

These wood burned keepsakes were crafted by Christina Studebaker.

rustic wedding flowers

These two brides chose the Adrift Hotel because they love going to Long Beach.  It was one of the first places they went together as a couple.  They wanted to share this special place and their adventures there with their closest friends and family.  The hotel is right on the beach.  It has a modern and eclectic vibe to it.  Much of the hotel has an industrial feel that is approachable in a casual way.  There’s bikes you can check out, ping pong, shuffleboard, corn hole, and a bar.  It has a fun and laid back atmosphere.

Adrift Hotel

Kate and Sarah both got ready in rooms just off the main hotel at the Inn at Discovery Coast.

Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

The dinner was catered by the restaurant upstairs in the Adrift Hotel, the Pickled Fish.

kate-sarah-wedding-26 wedding cake birchwood

I love this cake.  It’s deliciousness was constructed by Amber Almond.


Much of the decor was made by Sarah, and both brides actively planned and coordinated the entire event.  Everything was personal and intentional right down to the altar they made from wood stumps they collected on various adventures.

Getting Ready

It’s always fun taking shots of the couple getting ready.  Check out these personalized Converse sneakers.

personalized ConverseAdrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

Sarah’s suite was found at the Banana Republic.  Sarah is a baller!  She is so much fun.

Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

Kate picked out this dress from the BHLDN collection at Anthropology.  Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I went to college with Kate.  We lived in the same dorm freshman year at Pacific Lutheran University.  She’s joined my wife and I on backpacking adventures and road trips so this was an absolute honor and a such joy to be a part of their big day in such a way.

Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

First Look

They had their first look right behind their rooms on a pathway to the beach.

Adrift Hotel Long Beach WeddingLesbian WeddingTwo Brides to BeTwo Brides2 BridesAdrift Hotel Long Beach Lesbian Wedding Adrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding Gay Wedding Adrift Hotel Long Beach Lesbian Wedding Washington Beach WeddingTwo Brides Lesbian Beach WeddingAdrift Hotel Long Beach Weddingkate-sarah-wedding-293Bridesmaids on Bicycles

Have you ever heard of a bride tribe?  Well, they formed one.  They selected the most influential women from their lives that have supported them individually and collectively.  From this they created the bride tribe.  The tribe hung out all weekend and every one of them helped in setting up the ceremony and dining room.  Bride tribe celebrated all weekend and it was obvious their bond was strong.  They were rowdy too!  In the best way possible.

Bridesmaids on Bicycles Bridesmaids on Bicycles Bridesmaids on Bicycles

Kate and Sarah didn’t want photos that looked too posed.  I thought it would be fun to get the whole bride tribe out on the bikes and form a bike gang.  I think it’s safe to say we had a good time.

Wedding Bicycles

kate-sarah-wedding-345Beach Bride Bridesmaids on BicyclesAdrift Hotel WeddingAdrift Hotel Beach Wedding

They had a decorated space for the afterparty on the beach so I wanted to capture it before it got dark later.

Adrift Hotel Beach WeddingTwo Brides Adrift Hotel Beach WeddingTwo Brides in Lovekate-sarah-wedding-442-2

I think I might have joked that it would be fun to get a photo coming out of a port a potty… they were totally onboard.


Sarah and Kate had their ceremony right outside of the hotel on the back patio.  It was a lovely intimate setting.


Their dear friend, Kim Archer, sang her heart out as Kate came down the aisle.  Kim has a gorgeous powerhouse voice.

Adrift Hotel Beach WeddingAdrift Hotel Weddingkate-sarah-wedding-595Adrift Hotel Beach WeddingTwo Brides Lesbian WeddingAdrift Hotel Long Beach Wedding

This was one of my favorite shots because Kate was showing me her ring finger.  Sarah thought she was flipping me the bird, like, yeah we did it!  So Sarah’s flipping me off and Kate is showing me the ring finger.  When they realized this it was pretty hysterical.

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