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Top 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First Look

Top 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First Look

Top 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First Look – there are many reasons why I suggest a First Look or “Reveal”, but in my book whatever the bride and groom choose to do, is always the right choice.  So do whatever works for you! Read below to find out the top 10 reasons why I recommend having a first look on your wedding day.

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What is the First Look?  

The First Look or “Reveal” is when the groom sees his bride for the first time before the ceremony.  Traditionally this has been when the bride walks down the aisle, which historically started in arranged marriages when the groom would literally be meeting his bride for the first time.  It was done this way to minimize the chances of the groom running away from the arranged marriage.  Yikes!

What’s so great about the First Look?

 In my experience as a wedding photographer and being a groom on my own wedding day, the first look is the most memorable and emotional moment of the entire day.  It’s the moment when all the day’s activities, lists, and stress crumbles away, leaving just you and your soon to be life partner.  It’s incredibly intimate and there’s a certain magic about it.  I’ll be there to capture it, but I really like to give the bride and groom their space letting them hug, kiss, and giggle that this is real and after all the planning it’s finally happening!  Once I feel that the couple is ready to move on, we’ll transition into portraits of the bride and groom.  I find that directly following this moment is when the bride and groom are most relaxed, they’re present, and their giddy love shows in the pictures.

Top 10 reasons to have a First Look on your Wedding Day

  1. MORE TIME FOR COCKTAILS!  Having the first look frees you up from portraits after the ceremony so you can enjoy your reception.  On my wedding day there’s a photo that speaks volumes of my wife’s expression while we’re trying to find one of my cousins for a family photo.  Just imagine if we did couple portraits after the ceremony too.  All my bride wanted to do was have a glass of wine and hang out with our friends.
  2. THE TIMELINE.  Having the first look, bride and groom portraits, and photos with the wedding party prior to the ceremony allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for everyone involved, including your bridesmaids and groomsmen who will also want to enjoy a cocktail after the ceremony.  Whether you are relaxed or stressed it shows, and we’ll have more time for photos before the ceremony.
  3. PROLONGING THE MAGIC.  Walking down the aisle passes in a few seconds, and can often whip by in a blur of the days events.  Many grooms get choked up and want to express their love and how beautiful their bride looks, but before they can they are saying “I do”.  With a first look the groom can really take in the beauty of his bride.  He can turn her around, hug her, cry, kiss her, and then do it again for as long as he wants, because time has been set aside for this moment with his bride.  There’s no rush!  The reveal takes that amazing moment and stretches it out into it’s own event which makes it more memorable and significant.

    Still with me?

  4. IT’S JUST YOU TWO.  The first look creates a private moment where the bride and groom can truly be present in the moment with each other without any distractions.  There isn’t the pressure of 200 people staring at you two.  It is just the bride and groom alone together moments before they tie the knot.
  5. IT’S EMOTIONAL.  Your emotions are more genuine when expressed in private.  Even people that say they are not photogenic or not good in front of the camera always shine bright during this moment because they forget that we’re there with our cameras.Top 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First LookTop 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First Look

    Final 5 Reasons…

  6. THE ENVIRONMENT.  I scout for the perfect location to have the first look that is private with the best light and best background possible.  And although we’ll get great photos all day, there are just certain things that are out of my control during the ceremony.
  7. YOU’LL LOOK RADIANT.  You’re going to look beautiful on your wedding day, but you are going to look your absolute best fresh out of hair and makeup.  And the first thing you’ll do while you are “Picture Perfect” is the reveal.
  8. NO DISTRACTIONS.  You’ll get better, more creative photos when you aren’t thinking, “Oh, I didn’t say hi to aunt Ethel yet!”  And couples that do the First Look are still emotional when the bride walked down the aisle.  The groom still tears up, the bride still has a radiating smile, and it didn’t diminish a thing.  During the ceremony there are a lot more distractions, people, and lighting that I can’t control.  So there are a lot more variables that can alter that perfect moment.  I can guarantee I’ll be able capture a lot more gold during that first look.
  9. HAPPY CLIENTS.  Every time I’ve suggested the First Look to a bride and groom that wasn’t planning on having one has gushed afterwards how happy they were that they decided to do it.
  10. IT’S ABOUT YOU.  There is no other moment during a wedding day when it is more about just you two then during the First Look.  It is just the bride and groom, in this thing together.  Now all that said, it is ultimately about you, so whatever you do decide, it’s going to be the right choice.

Top 10 reasons for a Wedding Day First LookTop 10 reasons - Wedding Day First Look

Other things  to consider

Exchange letters or gifts before the ceremony.

Schedule 30 minutes of rest and relaxation before the ceremony to have a snack, hang with your wedding party, and to avoid running into guests arriving.

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