Creative. Stylish. Award-Winning Filmmaker turned Photographer

We are award winning photographers and filmmakers. Our artistic lifestyle imagery is a balance of timeless class and candid journalism.  Bride’s that hire us want iconic images that don’t look posed.

Petersen Pictures, led by Carl Petersen, is a full service photography company in Tacoma, Washington with clients along the west coast. Washington Wedding Photography in Tacoma, Seattle, and Worldwide with Petersen Pictures.

All our wedding packages come with an album because we believe it will be your first family heirloom. We know this tactile piece of history will be something you’ll share with your family and friends, and eventually your children and grandchildren. There is so much planning that goes into a wedding day and after all that magic is done, the only thing you’ll be able to take away from it are the pictures… and they better be good. We consider it an honor to document what is arguably the biggest day of someone’s life.

Before I did photography professionally I was a published artist and filmmaker. There’s a cinematic quality to many of my images because I have a background in directing and producing. Before I went out on my own, I trained with some of the top photographers in the country while living in Los Angeles. I have applied the best techniques and my own artistic style that incorporates movement.

People often say they have such a good time working with me and the photo shoot was fun, which is great, but the biggest joy I get is when my photographs take a bride’s breath away or move a groom to tears. I work hard for that, for all my clients, every time. I see myself as an artist and my number one goal is to create artwork for you.

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Best Portrait
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Gig Harbor Featured Photographer